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Required documents for the airport

ID card

Travel in the member states of the European Union or in the Schengen area can only be done using a valid identity card that also contains the holder's citizenship (to be issued after 2009)


In the case of trips outside the Euro zone, the passport must be valid for at least another 3 months from the date of arrival in the foreign country; in the case of trips outside the EU area, each passenger is responsible for checking if he meets the conditions to travel in these countries;
If at the border or at the security control it is found that the passport is expired or in bad condition, the passenger may be refused boarding without being able to claim compensation;
A valid identity document (passport or identity card) is absolutely mandatory for trips outside Romania.


Before you go on a trip, check the visa requirements of the respective country and the visa conditions of the countries you are transiting or in which you have stopovers.

Plane Tickets

We recommend that you also have the printed ticket in your luggage, although for check-in you will use the electronic ticket from your phone or tablet.

The lack of a document specified in the airline's regulations entails the possibility of being denied boarding without the right to claim compensation. The passenger is solely responsible for information on the documents and conditions to travel.
Our team will be at your disposal for any detail or any other information.

Our travel recommendations

The size and weight of the luggage

Before preparing your luggage, please make sure that it meets the requirements for size and weight. The surcharge for a bag that does not meet the requirements can be expensive

Hold Luggage

Luggage that cannot be transported in the specially designated compartment must be handed over at the airport and it is transported in the hold of the plane. We do not recommend transporting valuable or fragile items in the hold luggage.

Allowed/prohibited objects

For reasons of flight security, certain objects cannot be brought on board and some objects not even in the hold of the plane. For any detail regarding these objects, our recommendation is to contact the Border Police or Customs.

Charter flights

For the lowest prices, our team can search for charter plane tickets. These are available when not all tickets for flights from different travel packages have been sold. The reduction is quite consistent.

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